February 1, 2021

"We were moving into our home at Crystal Lake, full time. We have a well, and a crawl space and what was supposed to be a drain back system that was "supposed" to make sure there was no water in the line to freeze, once the water was done pumping to the house. Well, to make a long story short......just as we were moving into the house full time, as opposed to being a weekender, of course, the water line froze up and we had no water in the house. ( around January 13, 2021 ) Efforts to thaw out the line were unsuccessful and with Tom's guidance, and the help of an amazing excavator, we were able to install a brand new water line, at a depth of 6' deep, and install some other safety precautions on a new water line, as well as a new pressure tank that now lives in our crawl space as opposed to inside our home. ( It was quite large, silver, noisy and somewhat unsightly before ) A very special thanks to Tom, Traci and Demetri for all of their advice, coordination with the excavator and expert service !!! We have water !!! You never know how easy things are until a simple thing like water disappears."
October 1, 2020

Prompt & Professional

"We didn't have pressure from our well water and contacted Wayne's. We were able to get on their schedule quickly and the very knowledgeable tech came and spent quite a while testing and narrowing down the problem. At the same time, their office was busy looking up information about our current pump then called my husband and told him more than he knew about our own pump type, size, age, etc. My husband was prepared (kind of - haha!) to hear we needed a new pump, but Wayne's instead gave us the information we needed to make our own repairs - saving lots of money! We received a very small bill for their excellent service and my husband was able to get everything working in a short time. We definitely recommend Wayne's to every property needing pump service! Thank you so much Traci and crew!"
July 6, 2020

"I wish I would have called them first. The issue was found and fixed in very little time. I appreciated the timely service and the willingness to help me understand how my system works. Many thanks."
October 22, 2019

Highly Recommended

"We have used the services of Wayne Pump Service since the 1980s when we first bought our horse ranch. Whether it has been installation or troubleshooting, they have always been great to work with..........knowledgeable, skilled, prompt, courteous and fair prices. "
July 2, 2019


"I highly recommend these guys! They did exactly what we wanted on our pump install and were easy to work with. Pricing was very good and will be calling on them again for the next phase of our install to our new house when we are ready. Came out a lot sooner than we expected and got water flowing on our ranch! Great people!"
Wayne's Pump Service