Pumping Services in Laporte, CO

pump serviceNot getting the proper water pressure from your well? Issues with over-cycling or random shutoffs when it comes to your well pump in Northern Colorado? Wayne’s Pump Service is the only contractor you need to call to see all of your well pump and system issues resolved. We handle water well sales, installation, testing, pumps and motors, controls, pressure tanks and more!

Regardless of the design of your well pump system or its age, count on us to service whatever issues you may be having with it. Our expertise stretches back more than 45 years. From servicing standard drain-back tanks, to designing, ordering and installing cisterns, to servicing your pump systems’ control box and switches, we do it all. Our full scope of abilities includes:

Goulds pumps

Pump Types

We’re capable of delivering well pump service in Laporte, CO to all types of different pump styles, as well as flow testing to ensure the integrity of your well or the well on land you intend to purchase. Whether your pump needs to be replaced entirely or serviced to run smoothly again, we come equipped for the job. Our full scope of expertise includes:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Solar pumping systems
  • Jet pumps
  • Booster pumps

Solar set up

Our Brands and Products

We put our trust in some of the best pumps, motors and pressure tanks on the market today. When our customers need replacements or new installations, we recommend the following brand names:

Put Your Pump in Good Hands

If you’re having well pump issues or need any other services including new installation, testing, pump and motor replacements, control servicing and more, choose Wayne’s Pump Service.

Contact us today at 970-484-8588 to schedule an appointment.