May 18, 2022

Job well done!

"There's a reason why my new neighbors as well as my builder strongly recommended Wayne's Well Pump to install and maintain our well for our new custom home build. They only recommend the proven best made well pump equipment on the market. Many thanks go out to Demetri and Tracy making this a smooth well-run process."
August 4, 2021

Highly recommend Wayne’s

"Wayne's Pump installed an indoor 450 gallon cistern tank, pump, float switch and connections. We were so happy with the professionalism and honesty provided. We highly recommend their team."
July 5, 2021

Emeritus Professor

"We have had the great pleasure of living in a home near Bellvue, Colorado since late 1989. Wayne's Well Service has been right there whenever we needed them to keep our sole water supply, a 127' deep well, in good working condition. They are dependable, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. Our deepest thanks to Tracy, Dimetri, and Tom. "
March 30, 2021

"The employee from Wayne's Pump Service was on time and professional. He allowed me to watch and learn from his activities. I will recommend this business any time and plan to use them again myself."
February 1, 2021

"We were moving into our home at Crystal Lake, full time. We have a well, and a crawl space and what was supposed to be a drain back system that was "supposed" to make sure there was no water in the line to freeze, once the water was done pumping to the house. Well, to make a long story short......just as we were moving into the house full time, as opposed to being a weekender, of course, the water line froze up and we had no water in the house. ( around January 13, 2021 ) Efforts to thaw out the line were unsuccessful and with Tom's guidance, and the help of an amazing excavator, we were able to install a brand new water line, at a depth of 6' deep, and install some other safety precautions on a new water line, as well as a new pressure tank that now lives in our crawl space as opposed to inside our home. ( It was quite large, silver, noisy and somewhat unsightly before ) A very special thanks to Tom, Traci and Demetri for all of their advice, coordination with the excavator and expert service !!! We have water !!! You never know how easy things are until a simple thing like water disappears."
Wayne's Pump Service